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          Internal leakage of electric control valve due to cavitation corrosion

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          Internal leakage of electric control valve due to cavitation corrosion

          The selection error causes the cavitation corrosion of the valve to cause the internal leakage of the electric control valve

          Cavitation is related to the pressure difference. When the actual pressure difference ΔP of the valve is greater than the critical pressure difference ΔPc for cavitation, cavitation occurs. When the bubble bursts during the cavitation process, huge energy is released, and the valve seat and the valve core are released. The throttling element has a huge destructive effect. The general valve can run for up to three months or even less under cavitation conditions, that is, the valve is subjected to severe cavitation corrosion, resulting in a high leakage of the valve seat up to 30 of the rated flow rate. More than %, this is irreparable. Therefore, different types of electric gates have different specific technical requirements. It is important to select the electric control valve according to the system process. Solution: For process improvement, use multi-stage pressure reducing or sleeve regulating valve.

          Regulating valve to increase the throttle gap method

          If the solid particles in the medium or the slag and rust that are washed away in the pipeline cannot be blocked or jammed due to the throttle opening, the throttle with a large throttle gap can be used instead. Valves and sleeves of windows and openings can be easily eliminated because their throttle areas are concentrated rather than circumferentially distributed. If it is a single or double seat valve, the plunger valve core can be changed to a "V" shaped valve core, or changed to a sleeve valve. For example, if a chemical plant has a regulating valve that is often stuck, it is recommended to use the sleeve valve to solve the problem immediately.

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