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          ZSHW pneumatic high caliber butterfly valve


          所屬類別:Butterfly Series

          ZSHW pneumatic high caliber butterfly valve is a valve (valve plate) rotating around fixed axis perpendicular to the channel, the piston type double or single action (spring reset) pneumatic actuator and the butterfly valve, belonging to the rotating high performance control or cut off valve, equipped with electric valve door locator or electromagnetic valve, air filter regulator, limit switch (valve position), which can realize the fluid process pipeline in the proportion regulation and two cut-off control, automation control so as to achieve the parameters on the fluid flow, pressure, temperature, liquid level etc.. Widely used in gas, liquid, thick slurry or powder, suspended particles such as medium

          ZSHW pneumatic high caliber regulating butterfly features:
          1 pneumatic butterfly valve operating torque is small, the operation torque is one of the smallest of all valves, quick open and close, powered by compressed air, through the piston rack, mechanical drive rod gear, to a rotary output torque to rotate the valve plate 0~90 °, will be able to complete the opening and closing action quick, simple structure, volume small, light weight, small flow resistance, flow coefficient, good sealing performance. The scope of regulation. Is the execution unit automation

          control system of the instrument;
          2 the electric - gas valve positioner, the electric signal and compressed air as a driving force, receive control input 0-10mA DC or 4-20mA DC current signal, the regulator will be compressed air, into the air pressure signal input and output, the rotation angle changes the valve plate (0-90 ° arbitrary angle), which regulates the flow rate better.
          3 the electromagnetic reversing valve, valve position, with a AC220V or DC24V power supply voltage and the compressed air as the power, fast two bit on the fluid medium off control.
          4 pneumatic actuator using the piston and crank conversion structure, large output torque, small volume, adopts fully sealed waterproof design high protection level. The cylinder body adopts the mirror cylinder, without oil lubrication, the friction coefficient is small, corrosion resistance, with superior durability and reliability. All transmission bearings with boundary self lubrication bearing lubrication without oil, ensure that the transmission shaft does not wear.