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          Imports of pneumatic control valve


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          Pneumatic control valve is a compressed gas as power source, using the cylinder as the actuator and valve positioner, aid, converter, electromagnetic valve, the valve, the gas tank, gas filter attachment to drive the valve, switch or proportional regulator, a control signal receiving industrial automation control system to adjust the pipeline to complete the medium: flow, pressure, temperature, level and other various process parameters. Pneumatic control valve is characterized by simple, rapid response, and intrinsically safe, no need to re take the explosion-proof measures.
          Pneumatic control valve is widely used in industrial process control instrument of petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy and other industrial enterprises.
          Usually by the pneumatic actuator and control valve is connected with the installation after the formation of the combined instrument.
          Installation principle
          (1) the pneumatic control valve installation position, from the ground requires a certain height, the valve is to have a certain space, so that valve disassembly and repair. For the valve with pneumatic valve positioner and the handwheel, must ensure that the operation, observation and convenient adjustment.
          (2) regulating valve should be installed in horizontal pipelines, and up and down with the pipe vertical, generally under the valve to be supported, to ensure stable and reliable. For special occasions, the level control valve installed in a vertical pipe when necessary, the valve should also be supported (except for small caliber valve). When installing, avoid to the control valve to bring additional stress).
          (3) the working environment temperature regulating valve in the (30 ~ + 60) relative humidity of not more than 95% 95%, relative humidity of not more than 95%.
          (4) regulating valve before and after the position should be straight pipe, pipe length not less than 10 times the diameter (10D), in order to avoid the valve pipe is too short and flow characteristics.
          (5) the caliber and the process pipeline valve are not the same, should adopt different diameter pipe connection. In the small caliber valve installation, by threaded connection. The flow direction arrow on the body should be consistent with the direction of fluid.
          (6) to set the bypass pipe. The purpose is to facilitate the switch or manual operation, can not shut down for maintenance of the regulating valve.
          (7) control valve in the prior to the installation of complete removal of foreign bodies in the pipe, such as dirt, welding slag etc..