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          Imports of pneumatic control valve


          所屬類別:Special Purpose Valves

          Pneumatic control valve is a compressed gas as power source, using the cylinder as the actuator and valve positioner, aid, converter, electromagnetic valve, the valve, gas filter attachment to drive the valve, switch or proportional regulator, receive to complete the conditioning medium pipe control signal in industrial automation control system: flow, pressure, temperature, level and other process parameters. Pneumatic control valve is characterized by simple, rapid response, and intrinsically safe, no need to re take the explosion-proof measures.

          Use the matters needing attention:
          1, the valve should be stored in dry room, two ends must be blocked pathway. No heap storage
          2, the long-term storage of the valve should be checked regularly, remove dirt, the movement part and the processed surface should be coated with anti rust oil, prevent rust.
          3, the valve should be installed in horizontal pipelines, the required vertical installation. Stem upward.
          4, the required according to the arrow indicating the direction of media flow to install.

          Basic connection size:

          Nominal diameter DN(mm)

          The rated flow coefficient KvSingle seat812203250801202002804507001100
          Two seater1016254063100160250400630100016002700