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          Micro flow pneumatic control valve


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          Micro flow pneumatic control valve is a small caliber valve specifically for small flow control and the development of. The valve body are connected by screw threads, and has the advantages of small volume, light weight, convenient installation, maintenance etc.. Regulation of the medium is not clean, should be aimed at the throttle gap small, pay attention to the prevention of blocked card phenomenon. Note flow control applications it is suitable for medium of liquid, steam etc..
          Nominal diameter (mm) G1/2 "G3/4"
          The seat diameter (mm) of 1.5 * 3456789
          Flow coefficient Kv0.00250.
          Adjustable range 30:1
          Nominal pressure standard products 1.6 4 6.4, 10MPa
          Spool form single seat plunger type valve
          Flow characteristics of linear
          Effect of open air, air to close
          The working temperature of the ordinary type -40 ~ 230 ℃, fin type 230 ~ 450 ℃, special order 450 ~ 600 ℃
          Flange standards with JB78-59, JB79-59 standard, according to the JB/79.1-94, JB/79.2-94, ANSI, JIS, DIN standards of production orders
          The execution mechanism of ZHA/B type spring pneumatic diaphragm actuator
          Can be equipped with accessory positioner, electromagnetic valve, air filter relief pressure valve, limit switch, valve position feedback device, emergency operation device, hand wheel institutions
          Micro flow valve note: the working temperature, the nominal pressure, nominal diameter exceeds the scope of list products can be solved with the company to negotiate. * Note coefficient <0.08 need special order.
          Technical performance index
          Leakage rate: VI class, less than the rated flow 10-4
          Hysteresis: without,
          Main parts material
          Body material: 1G1Cr18Ni9Ti, 316, 316L
          The core base material: 1Cr18Ni9Ti, 316, 316L
          Packing material: Teflon, flexible graphite
          Diaphragm material: nitrile rubber clip nylon cloth
          The execution mechanism of ZHA (B) -11
          Travel (mm) 10
          The effective area (cm3) 200
          Source interface size M16 × 1.5
          Nominal diameter (mm) G1/2 "G3/4"
          The seat diameter (mm) 1.53456789
          Allowable voltage difference △ P (MPa)
          Micro flow pneumatic valve injection:
          ZHA (1): it is the role of implementing agencies; ZHB reverse actuator.
          (2) if the allowable voltage difference is not clear or maximum working pressure please contact us beyond the scope of list.
          Dimensions and weight
          The path (mm) G1/2 "G3/4"
          Connection length L (mm) 9292
          Height of H (mm) 370370
          H1 (mm) 3030
          Actuator width D (mm) 230230
          Weight (KG) 1818