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          The forging of dual phase stainless steel globe valve


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          The excellent performance of the valve is the forging of duplex stainless steel is determined by the structural characteristics of the material properties and the valve itself, therefore, we first look at the dual characteristics of steel material: the so-called "dual phase stainless steel" in the solution structure of ferrite and austenite phase about the half. A small amount of general is not less than 30%. Double phase stainless steel because of the existence of ferrite and austenite in the organization. So it has a ferritic stainless steel has high strength, excellent resistance to chloride stress corrosion resistance and toughness of austenitic stainless steel has the advantages of welding performance.
          Valve features full duplex stainless steel forgings
          (1) the valve forged with the overall processing or forge welding structure, and examined by a qualified, solid solution treatment, microstructure is fine, because of all the machined surface. Product appearance.
          (2) side spray welding hard alloy valve seal. Can spray welding nickel based welding alloy powder, Si Taili and tungsten carbide material, hardness up to HRC65 corrosion resistant performance, prolong the service life of the valve.
          (3) because of the characteristics of dual phase steel material itself, the valve has the strong anti hydrogen sulfide and chlorine ion corrosion ability. (4) to take full account of the coal water slurry medium high temperature deposition after scaling. The opening and closing torque increases to the valve stem strength requirements. The design of dual phase steel
          Valve stem by 1740H precipitation hardening stainless steel. The material after precipitation hardening. Can obtain higher strength to meet the requirements of the actual use of the valve.
          (5) the forging of dual phase stainless steel globe valve with fixed ball form. Role of the media in the sealing force is floating ball is greatly reduced, the opening and closing torque decrease. The seat design for a closed structure. It can effectively prevent the spring of the deposition and scaling caused by failure. The sealing ring is made of flexible graphite or plastic alloy. The material has good sealing performance and anti high temperature performance (flexible graphite is up to 800 ℃, plastic alloy reached 3000C), the valve stem by precipitation hardening stainless steel.