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          Pneumatic high-pressure small flow control valve


          所屬類別:Special alloy valve

          Pneumatic high-pressure small flow control valve has the advantages of small volume, light weight, high performance, for precise micro flow control. For example, in the fine chemical industry, its use of flow and pressure of micro controlling precision of scientific research institution. The design of the valve body pressure up to 32MPa. Can choose the moving film mechanism or electric actuator spring gas.
          Pneumatic high-pressure small flow control valve technical parameters and performance:
          The body part:

          The valve type: straight through valve body forging

          Nominal diameter:

          Nominal pressure:PN 1.6、2.5、4.0、6.4、10、16、20、32 Mpa
          CLASS 150、300、 600、900、1500 Lb
          JIS 10K、20K、30K、40K
          Connection: Thread: (applicable to 1 "below)

          Flange focal distance:

          In accordance with IEC 534

          The valve cover form:

          The body of a body

          The filler:

          V type Teflon, flexible graphite packing etc.

          A seal.

          The metal clip graphite gasket, PTFE gasket


          Pneumatic: multi spring actuator

          Electric: 3810L series, PSL series

          Valve parts:

          Valve type:single seat plunger
          Flow characteristics:percentage, linear, quick opening
          Within the pieces of material : standard material combinations and see Appendix using temperature, pressure range

          Configuration 1, above the standard, the seat of metal on metal, PTFE soft seat is optional VI level seal. Can also provide with hardened valve Stalin Levin alloy coating in pieces. According to the specific use of temperature, we have a more rational choice of bolt and nut.
          2, the PTFE V standard ring valve stem packing is also can use flexible graphite, graphite packing a equipped with elongated valve cover can be used for temperature more than 232 degrees (450 degrees Fahrenheit).
          3, standard body material is carbon steel and stainless steel, can also provide a variety of alloy material for high corrosive applications.