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          ZDLSY electric drain valve 504


          所屬類別:Power station valve

          Product brief:
          Zdlsy type electric trap is the company according to the steam power plant equipment and a professional development design production of a new generation of steam trap, the product has small volume, light weight, large capacity switch valve, valve, valve seat by a sensitive, Hastelloy alloy surfacing, characteristics of closed without leakage, anti high pressure difference, can also be used in flammable, explosive occasions, according to the signal control system or instrument, cut or open the valve, so as to require the use of controlled parameter. So it is widely used in remote control of thermal power plants and other industries. This type of products by the action and reaction are divided, its nominal diameter grade DN (mm) consists of 20 ~ 100mm; nominal pressure rating of PN by 150Lb (2.0MPa), 300lb (5.0mpa), 600Lb (10 MPa), 900lb (15 MPa) and other grades; signal range of 4 ~ 20 (MA); leakage almost approximate to 0 leakage, the products are available in various sizes.
          * actuator power, power off two kinds of forms: when the input signal increases, the valve from the closed position to the open position gradually for the electric open, when the input signal increases, the valve from the open position to the closed position gradually shift to electric closed.
          * the spool, valve seat made of titanium alloy division, suitable for high temperature and cryogenic and other harsh conditions.
          Nominal diameter DN 20253240506580100
          The flow coefficient of 581217294370110
          Rated stroke mm 162540
          Nominal pressure PN 150LB (2.0MPa) --1500LB (25.0MPa)
          Working temperature: -445
          The signal range of 40-20mADC 200VAC 380VAC
          Power supply 220VAC 50HZ 380VAC 50HZ 60HZ
          Allowable leakage rate approximately 0 leaked
          Sensitivity (0.5-5%) F.S