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          YST665Y pneumatic Y type drain valve 501


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          Product Brief
          ZMQSY series pneumatic diaphragm type Y valve is the company according to the equipment of thermal power plant and the hydrophobic professional design and production of a new generation of steam trap, the product is nearly linear flow design, reduce the flow resistance, the two throttle principle, reduce erosion, and increased life expectancy. Valve, valve seat with the whole hard alloy, close the leakage '=VI level, can be designed to remove cavity sealing, prevent leakage, easy maintenance features, but also in the flammable, explosive occasions, according to the signal control system or instrument, cut or open the valve, so as to require the use of controlled parameter. So it is widely used in remote control of thermal power plants and other industries.
          This is a product of the action and reaction are divided, its nominal diameter grade DN (MM) by 20~100; nominal pressure rating of PN from 150Lb (2. 0MPa) and other grades; air pressure (MPa) 0. 14-0. 4; the signal range of Pr (KPa) 20-100; 40-200; leakage almost approximate to 0 leakage of the products are available in various sizes.
          Type ZMQSY pneumatic diaphragm type Y valve; the valve consists of a new series of pneumatic diaphragm actuator and Y type drain valve of two parts (Figure 1) Y type drain valve with special structure is adjusting valve body two end is welded type, suitable for piping.
          Actuator, two forms of function; when the signal pressure increase, putting out the film room called positive effect, and the valve composed of air to close. When the signal pressure increases, the push rod back into the film room called the reaction, and the valve with the structure type.
          The principle of:
          When the signal pressure input film room, thrust, on the diaphragm compression spring, the push rod to move, to drive the valve rod, change between the spool and the valve seat circulation area, thrust until the spring reaction force and the signal pressure acting on the diaphragm to phase equilibrium, so as to achieve the purpose of automatic adjusting process parameters.
          Thin film Y type drain valve specifications and technical parameters of ZMQSY series gas:
          Nominal diameter DN 20253240506580100
          The flow coefficient of 581217294370100
          Rated stroke 162540
          The effective area of diaphragm 280400600
          Nominal pressure 150LB (2.0MPa) --1500LB (25.0MPa)
          Working temperature: -445
          The signal range of 20-100 40-200
          The origin of pressure 0.14-0.04
          Allowable leakage rate less than VI
          Pipe thread M10X1 M16X1.5