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          Seawater special self pressure regulating valve


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          Seawater special self pressure regulating valve does not require any external energy, the media's own energy to be transferred automatically adjust actuator products. The biggest feature of the products, can be no electricity, no gas in the workplace, while saving energy, pressure set value can be adjusted in the operation. The fast opening flow characteristics, flexible action, good sealing performance of CONTROL ENGINEERING China all rights reserved, so it is widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, food, textile, machinery manufacturing and residential buildings and other industrial equipment of all kinds of gas, liquid and steam medium pressure, pressure (for the valve adjustment), or pressure, holding pressure (for the valve before the regulator) control. A condenser can be used in ≤ 350 ℃.
          Seawater special self pressure regulating valve used method
          1 at room temperature using gas or low viscosity liquid applications operating:
          (1) slowly open the valve and stop valve;
          (2) loosen the exhaust plug, until the gas or liquid from the actuator overflow until the
          (3) and then re tighten vent plug, valve can work. The required pressure value size adjustable disc by pressure adjustment and get, adjustment, observe the pressure indicating value, slow, not to the valve stem rotates
          2 the use of steam occasions when operation:
          (1) from the condenser vent screw screw bet
          (2) Ning Song actuator vent plug
          (3) the use of leakage through the liquid filling port until the head to vent out of date
          (4) tighten the exhaust gas plug, continue until overflow liquid injection hole injection
          (5) the injection screw and tighten
          (6) slowly open the valve and stop valve
          (7) to adjust the pressure regulation wheel, and observe the pressure value to meet the requirements.