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          High viscosity fluid special self


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          The self regulating valve is a new valve types. Compared with the manual control valve, and its advantage is to automatically adjust; relative to the electric control valve, it has the advantages of no need of external power. The practical application proved that, in a closed water circulation system (such as hot water heating system, air conditioning chilled water system), the correct use of the valve, can easily achieve the flow distribution system; dynamic balance can be realized; can greatly simplify the debugging of the system; can stabilize the pump working condition.
          Main performance index
          Set the value of the deviation of 8%
          Allow leakage
          (in terms of experimental conditions of 4 * 0.01%) seal valves rated capacity
          Soft sealing DN15 ~ 50 DN65 ~ 125 DN150 ~ 250
          10 /min 20 /min 40 bubble bubble bubble /min
          Allowable working temperature
          Nominal diameter of 15 ~ 125mm, 150 ~ 250mm
          Seal seal ≤ 150 ℃ ≤ 140 ℃
          The cooling tank ≤ 200 ℃ cooling tank and extensions ≤ 200 ℃
          The cooling tank and fin ≤ 350 ℃ the cooling tank and extensions ≤ 300 ℃ *
          Soft sealing ≤ 150 ℃
          Note: * said the valve allowed working temperature, only when the medium for steam, valve and temperature to 350 ℃ need to use PN40.
          Main dimensions
          Nominal diameter (DN 125150200250300) 20253240506580100
          Flange size (B 1380180020002200) 3835126038621023
          Flange end spacing (L) 150160180200230290 310350400480600730 850
          Structure diagram