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          High nitrate specific self-interest type


          所屬類別:Self-regulating valve

          The self regulating valve on the pressure medium flows through the valve, the temperature inside the valve automatically work as an energy driven, no external power supply and the two meter. Also known as self operated control valve.
          Self pressure regulating valve without any external energy, can in no electricity and no gas in the place of work, both for the convenience and save energy. The pressure range and cross section thin, high accuracy of regulation. Pressure set value during operation can be continuous set. Adjustment of the valve after the pressure, the valve before the pressure and valve after the pressure ratio of 10:1 to 10:8. The rubber diaphragm actuator detection, high measurement accuracy, sensitive action. The pressure balance mechanism, so that the valve is sensitive, accurate control.

          Main technical parameters
          Nominal diameter: DN15 ~ 250mm
          Nominal pressure: PN1.6, 2.5, 4, 6.4MPa
          Flange standards: ANSI, JIS, DIN, GB, JB (special according to user supplied)
          Connection: flange (FF RF RTJ), welding (SW BW), screw (applicable to 1 arc second)
          Bonnet type: standard type -17 ~ +450 ℃
          The gland bolts type: type
          Packing: V PTFE, PTFE asbestos packing impregnated asbestos packing, graphite packing, textile
          The valve core forms: single seat valve, sleeve type
          Flow characteristics: linear
          The effective area (CM): 32 * 80250630
          Pressure setting range (MPa): 0.8 ~ 1.6 and 0.1 ~ 0.6 and 0.015 ~ 0.15, 0.005 ~ 0.035 and 0.3 ~ 1.2 and 0.05 ~ 0.3, 0.01 ~ 0.07
          Ensure the minimum pressure valve work difference △ Pmin (MPa): ≥ 0.05 ≥ 0.04 ≥ 0.01 ≥ 0.005
          The maximum pressure difference between upper and lower membrane chamber allowed (MPa): 2 1.25 0.4 0.15
          Material: galvanized steel plate; diaphragm membrane cover: EPDM or FKM clamp fiber
          The control line, the joint copper or steel pipe 10 × 1; connector: R1/4"
          Note: the effective area corresponding to the pressure setting of the range it is not applicable to DN150-250.
          The key points of installation
          1 valve used in gas or low viscosity liquid medium, usually ZZY type self pressure regulating valve is mounted vertically in the horizontal tube, when the position space does not allow to flip or oblique loading.
          2 for on-site repair and operation, the pressure regulating valve should be left around the appropriate space.
          3 when the medium is clean gas or liquid, the valve before the filter can not install.
          4 pressure regulating valve diameter is too large (DN ≥ 100), should be fixed bracket when confirming the medium is very clean, 3 is not installed.
          The 5 position is not allowed, the bypass valve (manual) can be omitted (we do not recommend).
          6 valve group according to the needs of user optional check valve, safety valve etc..
          7 valve used in the steam or high viscosity liquid medium, usually ZZY type self pressure regulating valve for the inverted installed in horizontal pipe, condenser (operated by steam) should be higher than the adjustable actuator pressure valve and the lower valve before and after the takeover. Before using the condenser should be filled with cold water, about 3 months after the irrigation time.