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          ZZYV self micro pressure regulating valve


          所屬類別:Self-regulating valve

          ZZYV self micro pressure regulating valve belongs to the self pressure regulating valve series; is a kind of self operated valves do not require any additional energy, on the media's own energy control valves, self operated valve between the self ZZYP and ZZYVP valve series middle. Mainly used to control the valve before the pressure is less than 0.2MPa.
          1, a regulating spring design in the film executive body above, for debugging.
          2, no filler, on the stem, is there is no friction, the seal is absolutely reliable
          3, actuator sensor extremely sensitive, extremely small pressure changes will be sensed.
          4, the valve body four through form, so K, B can be used for valve body
          5, balance the structure, is not affected by the pressure before the valve
          The main parts
          1 valve
          2 diaphragm
          The 3 film cover
          4 adjusting spring
          5 the balance sheet
          Self micro pressure regulating valve

          This valve uses a large diaphragm actuator output force is stable, is extremely sensitive to small changes of pressure and flow, the control precision is high, the single seat open flow (into higher low) design, in the valve cap (connections and valve installed with diaphragm (balance) to the valve before the pressure balance, eliminating the unbalanced force) valve after the pressure the pressure pipe into the film executive body, with the film executive body regulating spring compared, pressure of less than the set value (adjust compression actuator spring) valve after the pressure is bigger, whereas the smaller.