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          T966Y electric multi-stage throttle valve


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          T966Y multistage electric throttle control valve is a new high differential pressure balance valve sleeve structure . T966Y multistage electric throttle valve spool and sleeve assembly is a cascade of cellular and hybrid structures , fluid passes through the sleeve window implement the first stage throttle , and then after three consecutive Cascade throttling allowing the pressure big , sealing, fluid channel S streamlined , flow, dynamic stability control valve .
          T966Y multistage electric throttle valve The valve is an important regulator valve power plant boiler feed water system , and is also applicable to the automatic control system petrochemical and other industrial control fluid pressure differential , can be equipped with electric and pneumatic actuators actuators.
          The valve has the following advantages :
          T966Y electric novel multi-stage throttle valve in the component structure , the use of the throttle sleeve , effective control of the flow rate at 30m / s or so.
          Cutting surface and separated from the valve seat sealing surface , the effective protection of the sealing surface , excellent sealing performance and long service life.
          Valve components with high strength stainless steel , hardened parts surface hardness can reach HRC70, strong anti-erosion ability .
          T966Y electric throttle spool using a multi-stage pressure-balanced structure to reduce the fluid acting on the spool of the unbalanced force