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          ZMAX pneumatic high caliber three shunt valve


          ZMAX (Q) series of pneumatic diaphragm three valve dual spool upper and lower guide structure, equipped with multi spring actuator, valve for the four structures, namely one into two (shunt), two into a (confluent), so as to achieve the fluid mixing heating or cooling effect, or fluid from a shunt, meet the requirements of different conditions. The valve has the advantages of compact structure, in a light, sensitive action, small pressure drop loss, allowing the pressure high, new capacity is big, flow valve is accurate and convenient maintenance and so on, can be used in a variety of working conditions, temperature automatic control system and other industry control is especially suitable for the oil industry in the heat exchanger.
          The valve has closed (divided) flow type, (points) flow high temperature type and other types of. Product nominal pressure level of a user PN1.6, 4, 6.4; the valve nominal diameter range of DN25~400; leakage class II grade, IV grade; flow is characteristic for linear and equal percentage. A variety of different specifications are available.

          Materials of main parts


          Texture of material

          The valve bodyZG230-450、ZG0Cr18Ni9
          Valve seat0Cr18Ni9, 0Cr18Ni9+PTFE, 0Cr18Ni9+ division Chatterley
          The valve stem0Cr18Ni9、2Cr13
          The push rod0Cr18Ni9、2Cr13

          Corrugated diaphragm

          Clip reinforced nylon fabric nitrile rubber

          Film cover



          0Cr18Ni9, graphite spiral wound gasket (V6590), F4


          PTFE, flexible graphite

          The main technical parameters of the three-way valve

          All diameter.253240506580100125150200250300350400
          Seat diameter mm253240506580100125150200250300350400
          Rated KV8.51321345385135210340535800128019602560
          Nominal pressure (MPa)1.6、2.5、4.0、6.4

          The effective area of the film Ae




          Signal range KPa20-100、40-200、80-240
          Air pressure MPa0.1-0.40.4-0.7
          The inherent flow characteristicsLinear, equal percentage, quick opening
          The inherent adjustable ratio30:1
          The leakage classIII、IV
          Flange size

          According to JB/79. (2) _94, HG20592_97, GB, ANSI, JIB, DIN and other standards

          Body material

          WCB, 304, 316, WC6, nickel, titanium, Hastelloy, Monel etc.

          Valve material

          304, 316, 420, nickel, titanium, Hastelloy, Monel etc.

          Working temperature ℃

          -40~+230 ℃ (room temperature), +230~+450 ℃ (temperature), +450~+560 ℃, -40~-196 ℃ (high temperature) (low)

          Series type

          At room temperature, medium temperature, low temperature type. Bellows seal type, jacket type heat, regulating off type

          Main performance index

          Serial numberProjectThe performance index

          Not with a locator

          with a locator

          1basic error(%)±5±1
          2The return difference <(%)31
          3The dead zone<(%)30.4
          4 Always point bias <(%)The starting point(%)±5±1
          Finish (%)±2.5
          5Rated stroke deviation <(%)±2.5
          6Allowable leakage (1/h)The rated flow coefficient deviation< (%)
          7The rated flow coefficient deviation<(%)±10
          8The inherent flow characteristicsTo meet the requirements specified in IEC534-1 and GB/T4213-92 slope deviation in

          Note: This product performance accords with GB/T4213 - 2008

          All diameter. DN(mm)253240506580100125150200250300
          H Normal atmospheric temperature70271879583010671080109412931321140020652151
          H Medium temperature83281892596012141243125714921520159723402432
          Weight (PN64 at room temperature)40456065100125150250290450--

          Ordering instructions
          When ordering, please fill in "specification" or indicate the following contents:
          One, if the order has not selected models, please provide the parameters are used to send us your
          1, nominal diameter, nominal flow in coefficient Kv
          2, the fluid properties (including the nominal pressure, temperature, viscosity and pH value "
          3, the valve action form (gas closed or gas - Open)
          4, flow at
          5, in front of the valve, the valve pressure
          6, valve body, broad core material
          7, the input signal
          8, with the attachment, the attachment type, so that we can correct for your selection.
          Two, special requirements
          1, special inspection
          2, complete degreasing, water treatment;
          3, no copper processing;
          4, special interface, piping;
          5, the use of vacuum conditions;
          6, specify the color of the coating
          7, special medium (gas, chlorine, nitrogen)
          8, the use of stainless steel connections;
          Three, if the unit has been selected from the design of our products, please click models directly to our sales department order
          Four, the occasion is very important when using or complicated pipelines, please make cocoons provide design drawings and detailed parameters, from our experts to your review gatekeeper.